Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan for ICS FSC FA or Intermediate


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Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan

Today I am exploring about the Top 10 Colleges in Pakistan for ICS FSC FA or Intermediate O/A Levels Admissions 2023. The most important need of our country is well educated people. One of the key factor in the advancement of human civilization building is education. Education increase public awareness and helps people to differentiate between bad and good. It help to build healthy and useful adjustments behavior in society. Increase advancement is only possible by education. A good education from no 1 college in Pakistan generate talented people and jobs Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Online Apply Last Date.

“Education is the key role and success to build a strong Society and Community”

Selecting the Best Colleges in Pakistan for FSC Pre Medical is one of the most important decisions in one’s life. The aim of the most students in Pakistan depends upon their intermediate degree. So choose best colleges in Pakistan for engineering is more than getting a degree.

If you have completed your matriculation degree recently and looking for the Top 10 Colleges in Lahore for FSC, then here you will get the full list of best colleges for FSC in Pakistan. After reading this article, you will be able to get admission in the best colleges in Pakistan 2023. The complete list of all the colleges along with their details is given below in this article.

List of Colleges in Pakistan for ICS FA FSC Medical

GC College University Pakistan

One of Pakistan’s best colleges is the Government College University of Lahore. In 1864, a primary school was originally founded as the Lahore Government College (GC).

In 1871, it was founded as a middle school and then transformed into an intermediate college. It received a promotion to Government College in 1882. After the college joined forces with the University of Punjab in 1926, it started conferring degrees in the humanities, sciences, and business.

The following disciplines are offered by the GC College: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology (IT group), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Studies (CS group), and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Statistics (Stat group). At government colleges, students can also apply for scholarships.

Forman Christian College, Pakistan

FC College is one of Pakistan’s most well-known universities, Lahore, was established in 1864 and formerly named as the Lahore Mission College before taking Forman Christian’s name.
Numerous well-known Pakistani individuals who provided their remarkable contributions at various Pakistani institutions came from this college.

The institute has a distinguished reputation thanks to its services and offers degree programs at the intermediate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. FC College provides degree programs in FSC (Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering), FA (Arts), ICS, and ICOM at the Intermediate level.

Lahore College for Women University in Pakistan

Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) is a public women’s college. It was established by the Punjabi government in 1922. Lahore College for Women is located in Lahore, the nation’s capital.

The College has three beautiful campuses that are situated on Jail Road, Township Road, and Defense Road, respectively. Lahore College for Women University is ranked top among general universities by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC).

On the Jail Road campus of Lahore College for Women University, which is located, are the main administrative building, the computer center, the law department, and the student canteen. It also contains a huge great hall that is used for more student-run activities.

Aspire Group of Colleges

Private institution Aspire Group of Colleges has experienced tremendous growth recently. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has accredited the institution, and the Ministry of Education has given its blessing.

The institution was founded with the intention of giving students hands-on experience in every discipline while being supervised by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Candidates for the merit-based scholarship at Aspire College must have a grade point average of 75% or higher.

The institute also provided a variety of different scholarships, including need-based, unique, orphan, and many others.

Superior Group of Colleges

The Superior Group of Colleges has campuses spread across many Pakistani cities and also admits students at the intermediate level. The majority of students desire to enroll in the Superior Group of Colleges because they have just achieved good results at the intermediate level.

The institute awards scholarships to deserving candidates who demonstrate intelligence. You can visit the institute’s official website to learn more about it.

KIPS College in Pakistan

The KIPS College was founded in 1999. One of the top 10 universities in Pakistan is the KIPS College. The institution provides its students with courses in a range of subject areas, such as intermediate, engineering, medical, and computer science.

On the institution’s website, you may get all the information you need about the college, admissions, the cost plan, and the amenities it provides. The website also provides information on how to submit an application for admission to any program at KIPS College.

KIPS College is accredited by ISO 9001 and is accepted by HEC. It is dedicated to provide KIPS students with an excellent education. KIPS College has campuses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and other Pakistani cities.

One of the facilities offered to students on the KIPS College campus in Islamabad is the hostel. They deliver a top class education to its pupils. The friendly atmosphere of KIPS College encourages students to maintain their academic focus.

Punjab Group of Colleges

One of Pakistan’s largest educational networks, the Punjab Group of Colleges was founded in 1985. In recent years, the Punjab Group of Colleges has become a name in education. There are campuses for the institute in practically every Pakistani metropolis.

It works very hard to fulfill its purposes and ambitions. The institute offers financial assistance to those who have the highest positions and offers a wide range of facilities to its students and faculty.

176 top seats were won by PGC students in Pakistan in 2022 by members of various boards. The colleges provide a range of degree programs from the intermediate level to the post-graduate level.

On the website of the Punjab Group of Colleges, you may find information about each level and the courses.

Kinnaird College, Pakistan

In Pakistan, one of the top universities is Kinnaird College. It was founded in 1913 and is situated in the Defence Housing Authority in Lahore. Its stunning campus is close to Kalma Chowk in Lahore. The University of Punjab is connected to this private college.

It provides its students with a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, it provides extracurricular activities like music, dancing, and many others. Additionally, students have the option of joining clubs like the photography or debating organizations.

Army Public Schools & Colleges System (APSACS)

A semi-private organization called the Army Public School and College System (APS&CS) provides top instruction throughout Pakistan. The institute is situated in CANTT regions (Army region) and has a network of 213 colleges.

Degree programs are available in FSC. General Science, ICOM. Medical, ICS. Engineering, and A level through the Army Public School and College System (APS&CS). The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE), located in Islamabad, is connected to the college.

These universities have successfully served to provide their students with a top class education for many years. Despite being formed by members of the armed forces, this college does not belong to any army, hence its name is entirely deceptive.

The college provides a wonderful study environment for its students in addition to a wide range of extracurricular activities.

Pakistan’s students benefit from the most effective education possible because to the significant training and experience of the teachers. The renowned Army Public School and College (APS&C), which is located on Warsaw Road in Peshawar, is managed by KPK Army Public Schools and Colleges.

High-quality teaching is provided by APS&C. Through the development of their distinctive, professional, and personal talents, the college ensures the stability and prosperity of its students’ futures.

Aitchison College, Pakistan

Aitchison College is a private boarding school for men in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established in 1886 and is one among South Asia’s most esteemed institutions of higher learning.

The Chief’s College was founded by Charles John Lyall in 1886. The East India Company’s Court of Directors granted it status as a semi-private institution on October 24, 1892.

Typically, a sizable number of Pakistan’s elite class and old-boy network are thought to have attended Aitchison College. Among the notable graduates of the college are three presidents of Pakistan (two of them were governors-general).

Aitchison College has been called “the Eton of Pakistan” due to its reputation as one of Pakistan’s most prestigious institutes of higher study.

Aitchison also has a boarding school, which broadens the experience and exposure of students on campus. The welcoming atmosphere at both the boarding school and the institute makes it special and enables students to develop their talents and sharpen their skills to become the finest versions of themselves.

Queen Marry College in Lahore

The Victoria May Girls High School was established on December 10, 1908, to educate the daughters of judges, landed nobility, monarchs, and other wealthy families. With only 11 students when it opened in 1908,

Queen Mary College presently has over 7,000 students enrolled and 244 staff members working there. The new school, which was modeled like an English public school, employed several Englishwomen to work there. In honor of Queen Mary, the Queen Consort of King George V of Great Britain.

The college was refurbished and given a new name on November 17, 1911. Queen Mary College quickly made clear the importance of merit.

OPF Boys College in Pakistan

OPF Boys College is one of the best universities for men in Islamabad. This college was established in 2001 by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation.

The OPF Boys College is a school for intermediate (FA/FSC) pupils. The pupils have outstanding communication skills in both English and Urdu. OPF Boys College in Islamabad has been giving its students a top-notch education for the past 40 years.

Both students and the general public have high regard for the college. The college is especially well-known for its faculty and its educational program.

Garrison Academy

One of the top universities in Pakistan, Garrison Academy offers a top-notch education at a reasonable cost. It is a semi-public institution, Garrison Academy. The institute is connected to the federal board and features top-notch labs and lecturers.

There are Garrison Academy colleges in a few Pakistani cities, including Lahore, Quetta, and Kharian. The environment at this school is both welcoming and intensely competitive, which helps kids study more.

Fauji Foundation College

One of the most prestigious and reputable institutions, Fauji Foundation School and College was founded with the intention of educating the beneficiaries, or children of retired military personnel. The federal board is linked with the Fauji Foundation College, which is renowned for obtaining top places on the board.

However, there are currently a lot of pupils from civilian homes as well. The college offers high-quality instruction at a very reasonable cost.

The cost for first- and second-year beneficiaries is approximately Rs. 2000 per month, while the cost for civilians is approximately Rs. 4000 per month.

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We have discuss the top colleges in Pakistan For FSC ICS FA ICOM A-Level O-Level and Intermediate for your reference in this article. Each college’s specifics, including the amenities offered, the tuition schedule, and scholarships, are given.

so that you may quickly choose the best university that meets your requirements. The fee schedules for the various universities listed below are the most recent, though changes may be made each year.

Although we did our best to present you with accurate information, mistakes and omissions could nevertheless occur. You can post your question in the comments area if it has anything to do with this article or any college in Pakistan.

FAQs Best Colleges in Pakistan

Who is No. 1 college in Pakistan?

The Forman Christian (FC) College is the number 1 college in Pakistan. This college has produced remarkable personalities that offer their services in different departments in Pakistan.

Which College is best for FSc. Pre-Medical in Rawalpindi?

Fauji Foundation College is the best college for FSc. Pre-Medical in the Rawalpindi region.  

Which are the top 5 colleges of Punjab?

Here are the top 5 colleges of Punjab:
  • Forman Christian College, Lahore
  • Aitchison College, Lahore
  • GC College University, Lahore
  • Punjab Group of Colleges
  • Fauji Foundation College

Which is the most expensive college in Pakistan?

Aitchison College, Lahore is the most expensive college in Pakistan with a total fee (Tuition + Boarding) of Rs. 127,500 per month.

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